Thieves crash through store wall to steal ATM, $5,000 Cognac bottle

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Cleanup is underway at the Party Needs Liquor store on 14th street in northwest Detroit.

This, after a huge hole was left in the brick by a burgundy pick-up truck that crashed through the store about 5 a.m. Tuesday.

"They backed in as hard as they could with that Chevy truck boom," said "Verbal" a co-owner of the liquor store. "(They) grabbed the ATM, came in, grabbed all of our good cigarettes and one $5,000 bottle of Cognac - Hennessey Richard and for what? You guys have never even  tasted it before."

The store's co-owner is talking about a $5,000 bottle of Cognac stolen in the heist, along with 40 cartons of Newport 100s and the store's ATM machine.

"The people who did it knew exactly where the ATM was," the co-owner said. "They've been here before numerous times. They knew exactly what they were looking for."

The owner says they plan to offer a reward for information leading to an arrest.

"This store has been here over 40 years looking out for people," Verbal said. "And this is what you guys want to do?"