Thieves steal ATM at Chesterfield Township gas station

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UPDATE (5:15 p.m.) The SUV used in the stolen ATM case has been recovered on Fairport Street in Detroit. Police discovered the ATM machine inside, it is unknown if the suspects were able to open it.

Police are investigating a smash and grab at a Marathon gas station in Chesterfield Township.

Police say thieves used a stolen SUV to smash into the gas station at the corner of Jefferson and Cotton.

According to police, someone came to the business and drove the stolen SUV right through the front door and stole the ATM. Police ran the license plate, and it came back stolen - the chief says that may also be the case for the getaway ride.

"It appears to be a well-versed crew, well-versed organization," said Chief Bradley Kersten, Chesterfield Township police. "They've done this before."

The gas station was closed at the time so nobody was inside, however employees arrived and spotted the damage to the business.

Police say the criminals were last seen driving down Jefferson before they jumped onto I-94 west bound.

It is known to be a quiet community, which is why employees were caught off guard."

Most of the damage has been cleaned up and the doors have been boarded up as police continue to investigate.

Police are looking for at least three suspects. The people caught on camera had their faces covered up, so investigators don't have a description they can release at this time.