Third driver struck by falling concrete along I-696

Another vehicle traveling along Interstate 696 has been damaged by a piece of loose concrete.

The latest incident happened when Sarah Pospy was driving under the Groesbeck Highway overpass. She says she was riding along when she heard a really loud bang.

"There was no other cars in front of me so I knew it was nothing that a car had kicked up," she says. "I was scared because it was really loud. I thought somebody was shooting at me."

She says she got off the exit and went back to the area to try and find what hit her. She couldn't find it, but she says clearly it's some sort of round object due to the size and shape of the indent in her windshield.

"It wasn't a little tiny rock because the hole is a big circle," she says.

She says she went to Warren Police Department and they told her she'd have to sue MDOT.

Pospy tells us her car is brand new and she hasn't even made the first payment yet.

Less than two weeks ago, a chunk of concrete fell through a driver's windshield on 696 at Mound Road. That driver told us the concrete was the size of a basketball.

Another driver on 696 at Hoover was critically injured when a piece of concrete flew up from the road and went through her windshield, hitting her in the head.

Pospy wasn't injured and says she wants to see something be done before somebody else gets hurt.