This floating wine glass will help you rosé all day through the summer

This summer, it’s all about the details — and the rosé. And with ALDI’s ingenious floating wine glasses, your summer pool parties are about to get an upgrade.

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Starting June 12, while supplies last, ALDI has risen to the challenge of finding a way to multi-task drinking your wine and swimming in the pool.

Made of BPA-free plastic, the Crofton floating wine glasses are actually shaped like the real ones to maintain a classier aesthetic than the red Solo cup. The floating wine glasses replace the traditional round, flat bottoms of wine glasses with round bulbs for balance.

The product is designed to stay upright, even in the water while you slip into the pool for a quick dip. If you’re relaxing on the sandy beach, its pointed end also serves as a stake to stick right into the sand to keep spills from ruining your peaceful afternoon.

But perhaps the best part about these wine glasses — other than the fact that they float — is that they’re priced at just $2.49 in ALDI stores.

The innovative glasses come in the colors turquoise, white and clear, and they are a limited time offer as part of June ALDI Finds. ALDI Finds is a way that the grocery chain surprises its shoppers with trendy new products and an opportunity to test out new items that could eventually become part of ALDI’s everyday selection.

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