Thousands of dollars worth of exotic lizards stolen from Livonia pet store

A thief breaks into an exotic pet store stealing more than $5,000 of lizards from a local pet store.

It happened Monday morning at Stingers' Exotics in Livonia where a suspect stole more than 20 lizards. Among them, the man stole all of the store's bearded dragons and other types.

The store's owners are angry.

"We believe on Saturday he was perhaps casing the store," said Hazel Bunting. "We had customers that noticed him and we also my mom mentioned him at the end of the night that he was questionable."

The store has surveillance images of the suspect from the store's cameras which have been turned over to police.

On their Facebook Page, the following message was left Monday:

"With a heavy heart I want to let everyone know our shop was broken into this morning. All of our bearded dragons were taken along with many other lizards. All of our boarders were safe and unharmed.

"The Livonia Police Dept. are working with our DVR system and have images of the "white male" that broke in. Facial images were good we should get a good ID. I will share them when the DVR is returned.

"My Mum, Carl and I are angry, devastated, sad all of the emotions you can expect to have when you've been wronged. You'll remember images of Betty and Ace in their St Patty's Day hats ... yes they were taken.  :( I'm just too emotional to continue right now. Please feel free to share our pics and story ... we're hoping for their safe return."