Thursday's storms wreak havoc for Romulus ice cream store

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It is back to business for Blue Sky Ice Cream and Hamburgers after a nasty visit from Mother Nature on Thursday.

The sky above "Blue Sky Ice Cream" was anything but blue for a short time on Thursday afternoon.

"It just came ripping through here pretty quick," said Pat Ostrowski, the owner. "Ten, 15 minutes and it was done."

But a lot happened in a short amount of time.

"Hail, rain, everything you can think of, it was crazy, it was nuts," said Lynn Ostrowski, owner Blue Sky.

And incredibly high winds. Storm damage taking a toll on the 2016 Jeep Rubicon that Pat surprised his wife with last month.

"The branch went through the roof, the hood dented in, the doors gone," 

And after it was all over, luckily no one got hurt

"Everybody's safe, the customers are safe, the workers are safe, we're good," Lynn said.

Despite the power being out, Pat said that with generators on, they are open for business.

"Come on down," he quipped.