Ticket amnesty program offered in Highland Park

The city of Highland Park offering a huge break to anyone with outstanding traffic tickets.

Almost all fees will be waived thousands of people are expected to take advantage of this amnesty offer.

People are not usually this happy to go to court.

"I got $60 off a $200 ticket," said Abby Jones. "That's good, that is better than nothing.

Until the end of March, Highland Park is waiving all fees on tickets and certain other crimes. It is called traffic amnesty.

"They can add up over time because you have to remember that these people have more than one ticket," said Paula Ramsey, court administrator for the Highland Park court. "It could be 10 tickets and you could get $500 off."
Abby's case is more typical, she ran a stop sign and was driving with a suspended license - and that was two years ago. 

She owed $220 with all her late fees, and could have been thrown in jail.  But today she cleared up everything for $160.

"This gives them a great opportunity for them to clear it up, get their license straight, save a little money and close those files out," said Judge Brigette Officer-Hill

And closing files can be good for the court. Officials say Highland park is owed between five and $6 million in outstanding traffic fines.

If you have a felony out of Highland Park or a drunk driving ticket, the amnesty program does not apply to you.

For the most part, it is traffic tickets only. And you can even go online to pay. CLICK HERE to do so.

The amnesty program goes until March 31.