Tigers fire pitching coach Chris Bosio for insensitive comments

One strike and he's out.

Tigers pitching coach Chris Bosio thrown a curveball, fired after reportedly making insensitive comments directed at a team employee.

"I had no idea when I came in. It's a shock to the team," said Grayson Greiner.

"I am not going to comment on that," said Tigers Manager Ron Gardenhire. "I had a great relationship with Bosio, we were working great together. He was a good pitching coach here. Outside of that, that's it."

FOX 2 talked with Tigers fans about Bosio getting the boot. Most had no sympathy for the former pitching coach saying the punishment is fitting.

The cultural crackdown on racist, sexist or any speech deemed offensive, has gotten stronger in recent years.

The list of its casualties seems to grow larger by the week and now the MLB is showing it too is willing to play hardball.

Bullpen coach Rick Anderson is taking over Bosio's old position. The tigers released a statement saying it holds all off its personnel to the highest standards of personal conduct both on and off the field.