Time to start training for 5Ks, is your stride right?

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You think you know how to run properly, but FOX 2's Deena Centofanti was recently surprised to learn her stride was all wrong (and maybe that's why she disliked running so much). As the season of 5Ks begins, including Race for the Cure next month, it's time to start training.  

Daren DeCavitte, New Balance Detroit manager, says the proper posture is to have your feet beneath your hips and let your arms relax at your side.

"Get your feet right beneath your hips with your toes pointing straight," he said. "Eyes forward, reach as high as you can to really stretch out that body. Take a breath and let your arms relax at your side."

But there's another mistake many of us make, we go for that long stride. DeCavitte says that's wrong.

"Running on your midfoot," he said. "It some ways it looks like you’re running underneath yourself. If you're walking same concept applies."

DeCavitte teaches four simple steps to good form running, and now is the time to start working on your stride as 5K events are springing up all over metro Detroit, including the Race for the Cure in Detroit on May 21.

It means you have time to get ready.

"Getting yourself moving every day," said DeCavitte. "Picking a time goal that's reasonable, 15 to 20 minutes let’s say, or walking or running as you get started, building up to your event."

What if you're not a runner at all? DeCavitte says you can't start out thinking miles, measure progress in a different way.

"I'm going to get to that mail box or two whole blocks around neighborhood," he said. "So that the larger goal doesn't seem intimidating."

Daren said when you are running you are aiming for 180 steps per minute.

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