Tires stolen from Chrysler 300s in Oakland Township

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Driveway after driveway hit by thieves in Oakland Township, but they weren't after the whole car or even what was inside.

Cars were left up on blocks with all four tires stolen.  And an early morning knock on the door from a sheriff deputy let this couple know they were victims of a crime.

"Asleep in our beds and this is happening in our driveway," said resident Leanna Kavanagh. "I couldn't believe it. I could not believe there were no tires on my car."

All four tires taken off her family's Chrysler 300.

"We had pretty sweet rims on that 300," she said. "It was the sports series and it really looked nice."

It was a disheartening sight in a family-oriented sub that left them feeling robbed of more than just tires.

The blocks holding up the car are landscape blocks likely stolen from someone else so one crime facilitates another here.

They weren't alone, in the next subdivision north near Adams and Gunn road. Another Chrysler 300 on landscaping blocks.

"The police said it would only take them a few minutes to remove all the tires and go on their way," Kavanagh said.

They are sharing their story in hopes that someone saw something and others will take care not to be the next victim.

"We'll look out for each other," Kavanagh said. "It's that kind of neighborhood where we will take care of each other."