Tow truck hits 7 parked cars, no ticket issued by Detroit police

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A screaming car owner’s incensed reaction was caught on camera after a tow truck hit her car and several others.

Yet the driver of the tow truck was not charged or even ticketed.

Cell phone video posted on Facebook by 'Heat in the D Von' captures the aftermath of a crash between a metro Detroit tow truck and seven cars parked outside a bar on Grand River near Telegraph.

It also captures the moments when the crowd gets unruly. It happened around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. The video ends right before police arrive.
One of the seven cars involved in the crash belongs to Rich Ash, who was in his car with a friend when the tow truck came barreling through. 

"I'm like it doesn’t look like he's stopping and he's swerving in our lane," Ash said. "He hit the car at the end of the corner. And then he hit four others that were parked in between them parked very close outside a local club."

Detroit police say after an initial investigation determined the driver of the tow truck was not under the influence calling it a freak accident. 
FOX 2 spoke to the manager of the tow company whose truck was seen in the video. He says doesn't want to go on camera until he sees the police report. 

But he did arrive at the scene after the crash and claims the driver of the tow truck swerved to avoid another vehicle but crashed and he went to the hospital with a broken arm.

"No one cut him off, I only saw his car," Ash said.

The manager of tow company says the cars were parked not in a parking lot but along Grand River.

"People (park there) all the time it's a popular bar," Ash said.

Following the crash, Ash, along with his passenger, were treated at the hospital for leg and back pain. The cars were all towed free of charge by the tow company. 

"I do think the owner is trying to take care of the situation in the proper way and hopefully we will see how it goes from there," said Ash.
No arrests were made but the crash remains under investigation by police.