Train Station's Ford Winter Fest 3-D light show dazzles

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It's the first night of Winter Fest at the Michigan Central Train Depot - and right behind is the crown jewel of the event - a 3D projection taking up the entire front of the depot.

"It's 3D projection mapping that's happening on an 18-story building it's like the greatest drive in movie you've ever seen," said Dawn Booker, Ford Land Manager.  

It takes you right back in time - to the height of Detroit's Train Depot era, now owned by Ford Motor Company who's putting this show on for free - it's part of the first ever Winter Fest. 

"It tells the story of the glory days of the train station its revitalization and also the future of the station," Booker said. 

The 3D light show is big hit - and you have to see it in person to get the full effect. 

Also worth braving the cold - food, local vendors, fire pits, live graffiti and a bit of history.  

"We've got a bunch of the artifacts the Ford folks have had returned to them since the great embrace of this project," said Joel Stone, senior curator Detroit Historical Society.

Curators like Joel Stone are standing by inside warming tents ready to give you a history lesson.

"This is the piece that has probably gotten the most amount of press because it's big and cool and it was outside where everybody used to see it," Stone said.

"To see the train station come back to life after so many years this is totally nice and beautiful to see," said Maria Prado.

Prado lives a couple blocks away and was blown away.

"The time they put into it I think it’s just awesome what they did with this piece," Prado said.

There's still time to catch the show - winter fest runs through January 27th. The event is free and for more information go to