Tree crushes family's 2 cars that were parked in driveway

Two cars were smashed by a large tree when it fell early Thursday morning on Detroit's west side. The homeowner's Jaguar and pick-up truck were both parked in the driveway when the tree fell.

The tree fell about 1:15 a.m. Thursday across Plainview Street in the 17000 block, which is near McNichols and Evergreen.

"It was scary," says Terrance Berry. "I was sitting in my house and the first thing I did was jump up and check my kids, and then she looked out the window and saw it and I came downstairs and this is how it is. I'm just glad everybody's fine."

Early Thursday morning, city reps came out and crews have been on the scene removing the debris

"Luckily city crews are out here doing their job," says Shaneeka Strickland. "I am very grateful."

They say the kids play in the front yard frequently, so they're glad the tree fell in the middle of the night when the kids weren't outside.