Trio charged for murder of Makanzee Oldham in prelim hearing

Three men charged in the shooting death of a 2-year-old Makanzee Oldham appear before a judge.

Witnesses say the incident started over a spilled drink.

Cleveland Smelly, Antoine Smelley, and Deonta Bennett were in court for their preliminary examination Thursday.

On May 25 at 7:30 p.m. police believe Antoine Smelley was at a home in the 16000 block of Fairmount. Police say he poured Kool-Aid juice over the head of a young woman getting ready for prom and that started a big fight outside the home.

Makeisha Crosby says once Cleveland Smelly came to the house, things escalated quickly.

"He walks in the house," Crosby said.

Attorney: "Mr. Cleveland Smelley goes in the house?"

Crosby: "Yes."

Attorney: "Do you know how long he was in there?"

Crosby: "I would say about five minutes. Then he comes outside and says who wants to fight my brother."

Attorney: "Who said that?"

Crosby: "Cleveland. He came out with Antonie, he came out swinging his arms."

Crosby says several men began fighting outside the house and that was when she got in the car with another adult and three children including 3-year-old Makanzee Oldham. She was then caught in the crossfire and killed while sitting the backseat.

Crosby says she heard someone say "Hand me a gun."

Attorney: "Did you recognize the voice of the person who made that statement?"

Crosby: "Cleveland."

Attorney: "Did you see anyone hand anyone a gun?"

Crosby: "No I did not."

Crosby then offered testimony on what she recalled from the shooting:

"It felt like a flash went right past my ear," she said. "I look back and see the blood and he tried to get her to St. Johns quickly as possible."

Attorney: "Who's injured?"

Crosby: " Makanzee. In the midst of going to St. John, he was chasing us. Cleveland."

The defense objected to Crosby's testimony. She questioned if Crosby actually saw who fired off the shots.

Attorney: "You don't know who is shooting is that correct?

"Yes," she said.

Attorney: "Did you see somebody shooting?"


Attorney: "So you don't know who is shooting?"

"Yes," she said.

All three men are facing seven counts with the intent to commit murder, and one count of first degree murder. They are also facing fire arm charges.