Triumph Church in Southfield holds drive-in Easter Sunday service 

“Faith is not a nonessential, it’s an essential,” said Pastor Solomon Kinloch Jr. with Triumph Church in South Field. 

On Easter Sunday, church goers didn’t let coronavirus pandemic keep them from service. However, this year did look a little different as hundreds of cars came to the parking lot at Triumph Church. 

Parishioners sat in their cars and watch the service on the big screen and listened to it on the radio. 

“They can pull up and in their car they don't have to feel like they're alone,” said Pastor Kinloch. “There are people in other cars adjacent to them and then back of them that they can wave at, but we encourage them to respect the neighbors by not honking their horns and staying in their vehicles.”

Pastor Kinloch says the church wanted to keep people safe, while still giving them a place to come together. 

“It gives them the ability to respect the executive order and also engage in social distancing and making sure they're doing their part refraining from interacting physically with one another,” he said. 

While this Easter Sunday service didn’t have the usual shaking hands and hugs, people here still had plenty of hope. 

“The relevancy of The resurrection is simply this that our founder and the founder of our faith was confronted with an impossible situation but as bad as it looked on Friday and Saturday if you can just hang on Hope is on the way on Sunday,” Pastor Kinloch said.