Troy fire department rescued dog trapped in ductwork

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You know the saying not all heroes wear capes? The Troy Fire Department were heroes for a family Tuesday morning after their family dog found himself trapped in the ductwork of the home.

Snickers is a curious pup - a little too curious, in fact - and on Tuesday he somehow managed to get into the ductwork after a floor vent was left open. They could hear Snickers moving through the ductwork but he couldn't get himself out because of the slick aluminum surfaces.

They tried to coax him up, bribing him with treats and even made a makeshift sling. It didn't work. So they had to formulate a new plan to free the puppy.

Firefighters went to the lowest level of the home on Camden Street and opened up the drywall that surrounded the ductwork. Once removed, they opened up the ductwork and were able to safely get to the dog.

Snickers wasn't hurt but the family will have to have a company repair the ductwork.

By the way, the firefighter who saved him was recently named the 2018 Fire Station Member of the Year at fire station 3.