Troy PD's Pawfficer Donut may have some cute competition: West Bloomfield PD's Ruby the Fawn

Who has the most committed brand of cuteness among Michigan police departments? You may have heard of the Troy Police Department's Feline Unit, but have you heard of West Bloomfield's Deer Daycare? 

Their audience is a small but committed one: Ruby the fawn. 

"Our friend Ruby has been with us for several weeks. He leaves with his mom at night and then comes back to us!" states a social media post on the police department's Facebook and Instagram page. But cuteness breeds competition, and this deer's got its eyes on the prize.

"Cuter than a (Troy PD) cat is what we heard!"

"This deer showed up right outside the window of our admin building," said Curt Lawson, deputy chief with the West Bloomfield Police Department. "It would sit there all day long. Then at night his mom would come by and get him."

About 30 miles east in Troy, Pawfficer Donut no doubt is watching out for opposition. The most recent update regarding the feline's whereabouts came on July 27 - where Pawfficer Donut was potentially undercover, potentially napping on a blanket.

Before Ruby, the West Bloomfield PD was keeping tabs on Darryl the Turkey. However due to his exponentially growing fame, officers placed him into witness protection in early December, 2018. Officers have also taken note of a family of coyotes that has taken residence in their back parking lot. 

"We welcome everyone here," said Lawson.

Ruby's visits haven't been as frequent as they used to be. But officers still spot baby and their mom out and about near the department.

"We keep an eye on the deer," said Lawson.

Most likely Pawfficer Donut is as well.