Troy police cite 23 teens for drinking at house party

Nearly two dozen teenagers were cited for underage drinking in Troy, with one of them being sent to the emergency room.

Police say at last check the young lady in question was expected to fully recover.

"The 16-year-old was very sick, intoxicated and needed to go to the hospital," said Troy Sgt. Meghan Lehman. 

This happened after a party last Saturday night where teens are said to have been tipsy. Lehman says they got word about the party all from a neighboring police department.

The girl somehow made her way home from the party on the 6000 block of Beach and fell unconscious. Someone at the girl's home called 911.

Troy police found out where the party was being held and decided to crash it. 

"When we got there we found many underage kids drinking, under the influence of alcohol," Lehman said.

Officers cited 23 kids between 15 and 18 years old for underage drinking and there were no parents present. 

"In this particular circumstance it looks like the parents had no idea," Lehman said. "They had left their child in good hands and things got out of control."

The parents in question declined to comment on the party. A neighbor went to bat for them.

"I can tell you the parents are good people," said Michael Kraemer. "They are a nice family; the boys are good kids. It is tough to keep an eye on everyone."

Police say the teens at that party were from all over. The bigger question is that the kids drove to the party and, since the police alerted the parents who drove them home, it kept them from being on the road.