Troy Police search for suspects who fired shots at ‘Sweet 16’ birthday party

“Last night we were in bed and heard 4 gun shots,” one witness said. “Then we saw a bunch of teenagers running off.”

That was around 4:00 Saturday morning at Hawthorne Suites in Troy. The Extended Stay Hotel is located on Livernois - south of Big Beaver. 

“We’re told it was a Sweet 16 Party,” said Sgt. Meghan Lehman with the Troy Police Department. “There was 4 occupants in the hotel room when we got there, ages 16 to 18.”

“Shot the window out and a couple bullet holes in the side of the building, where the party was at,” a witness said. 

Troy police said at least five shots were fired, luckily no one was hit. 

The two suspects are described as Black males, in the late teens to early 20’s. We’re told they both are medium height and a medium build.

“We’re looking for witnesses, we’re looking at video,” said Sgt. Lehman. “We believe we’ll come up with something.”

Troy Police said this isn’t the first time they’ve been called to Hawthorne Suites. 

“We have had issues there in the past and we have worked with them in the past to fix those issues,” Sgt. Lehman said.