Troy Police warn of stranger danger

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Troy Police are urging parents to be on  high alert after young boys were approached by strange men who tried to lure the kids into a car in two separate incidents.

Troy Police are calling this a case of stranger danger. Officer Janice Pokley said the incidents happened at least twice.

"So we have had 2 recent incidents where kids reported a suspicios vehcile driving by and stopping where the driver of the vehicle - a white male approximately in his his 50s had stopped and talked to the kids and asked them if they wanted a ride," Pokley said.

Those two incidents were September 8 in the area of Wattles and John R and September 11 in the Wattles and Livernois area in Troy.  Nick Vitale said the news is a bit surprising and calls the neighborhood safe.

"It's a big surprise. This area is generally very safe. We have not heard of issues like this before so it's a surprise," Vitale said.

One suspect is a white man in his 50s, balding, wearing glasses and driving at four door Chevy or GMC. The other is also a white man in his 50s balding and having a mustache and goatee. He was driving a blue Chevy Malibu.

So what should parents and kids be aware of?

"Be consciensious of cars driving by, people walking apst you. If you do find somebody that is in a car walking or they're following you, procede on. Don't stop and talk to that person, don't engage in any contact. of course, do not get int he car with that person," Pokley said.

The cops say the best evidence to catch the crooks is a license plate number but remember, safety always comes first.