Truck driver discovers body in St. Clair Shores alley

A truck driver made a disturbing discovery in Saint Clair shores Monday morning. 

Tom Schaible was making a delivery to a nearby business on Harper Road when he saw a body lying in the alley. 

"I'll have it on my mind for quite awhile," said Tom Schaible. "I feel a lot different because, no matter how much you prepare in this life, you're never ready for it."

Saint Clair Shores police collected evidence and removed the body. They say they've identified the 55-year-old Saint Clair Shores man and are notifying his family. 

Police say he was a father and didn't live far from where his body was found.

"I even asked the coroner when they got here before they loaded him up, if it was okay if I went up and prayed over him," says Schaible.

Police say there were no immediate signs of of trauma and the man's death does not appear to be suspicious, but they're waiting on the Macomb County Medical Examiner's Office to determine an official cause of death. 

"Somebody's dead. He was somebody's grandpa, somebody's uncle, somebody's brother." says Schaible. "The bad thing is, he was by himself."

As police continue to investigate, Schaible packed his truck to head back to the road and just hoped the stranger didn't suffer. 

"When you're staring death in the face, the last thing you want to be is alone. You don't know if he was scared or if he suffered, you have no idea."