Truck used to break into Corktown marijuana dispensary

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Workers spent Monday boarding up the back wall of a new business in Corktown, the medical marijuana dispensary on Rosa Parks.

It was badly damaged after thieves rammed a truck into the building overnight.

"It's happening all over the city," said Richard Sarfoh, owner. "It's happening to other dispensaries - we're not the first one - not the last one. It is what it is, a crime."

Sarfoh's wife, Anqunette Jamison, former FOX 2 morning anchor, showed us the damage inside. Just a few weeks ago, she was showing us her new business Botaniq, inspired by her own success with medical marijuana in treating her multiple sclerosis.

Now her dream is temporarily shut down.

"The good thing is that no one was hurt," she said. "No one was here - and all of this can be replaced."

Jamison says they will be releasing surveillance video that shows a light colored Dodge Ram crashing through the back wall at 4:20 a.m. Monday. Eight men in masks were seen running inside - but they didn't leave with much - just some vaporizers and edibles.

"I have 20 employees who don't have jobs right now because some people decided to come in and vandalize our establishment and put people out of work," she said.

Jamison says the timing is curious. December 31st is the day for the state to shut down all unlicensed dispensaries. Botaniq is one of the few fully licensed facilities and would have remained open - if not for this.

"It's curious - the timing of all of this - but nevertheless - we'll persist," she said.

It's not clear how long the dispensary will be closed. Q says two days to two weeks - but she says this won't stop them from doing business in Detroit.

"We'll be back," she said. "We'll be back."

Anyone with information please contact Detroit police.