Trump: We're going to save the auto industry

Polls are now open for today's primary in Michigan. Republican front-runner Donald Trump faces a test of his durability with white, working-class voters in Michigan, the first industrial state to vote in the 2016.

While Trump has stunned Republicans with his broad appeal, he's forged a particularly strong connection with blue-collar white voters. With an eye on the general election, he's argued he could put Midwestern, Democratic-leaning industrial states such as Michigan and Wisconsin in play for Republicans. He

He joined us live from West Palm Beach, Fla. on FOX 2 News Mornings to tell us more about what he can do for Michigan, and why he says he's the best choice.

He's currently leading with 41 percent of the vote in the latest FOX 2 Mitchell poll.

"I'm doing really well in the polls because I'm so strong in the auto industry and so strong on economic development, so important. So I've been really focused on that," he says. "We're going to do a great job for Michigan and we're going to save the auto industry - that I can tell you. So much of it is moving to Mexico and other places; we're going to keep it where it is."

You can watch his full interview in the video player above. 

FOX 2 has put in requests to speak with all candidates on this primary election day.