Tuesday's weather causing DTW delays

Michigan's 2019 winter weather continued to wreck havoc at the airport Tuesday afternoon, with planes and their passengers at the mercy of delayed flights.

"We were supposed to leave at a quarter to one, and we kept getting notices it's delayed, it's delayed," said Alice Klegon, who was traveling to Florida. "Now I understand it's going to be 3:30."

A similar story to what happened a few weeks ago when inclement weather gripped the midwest, the perfect combination of temperature and precipitation blanketed DTW in a coat of ice. While the airport make took the necessary steps last night, delays and cancelled flights still happened.

"They actually cancelled the flight I thought would be delayed," said Kristine Butcher, who was traveling from Alabama to Michigan. The final leg of her journey to Kalamazoo was ultimately cancelled because of it.

And the effects didn't stop there. For the congressman and women that had made the journey from Washington D.C. to Michigan for John Dingell's Dearborn funeral, they were forced to fly back to the capital when the planes couldn't land.

In the spirit of today's weather-oddity, the people aboard the plane held an impromptu service for the congressman - at 30,000 feet.