Two arrested in stolen truck, possibly related to smash-and-grabs

Detroit Police say they have arrested two people who may be connected to a string of smash-and-grab robberies. 

The arrests were made early Wednesday morning on the city's east side, near August and Dickerson streets. 

It appears police were just in the right place at the right time, and spotted the suspects matching the description of some smash-and-grab suspects. When the suspects, who police say were in a stolen pickup truck, saw the officers they likely got nervous and crashed into a utility pole. 

The suspects got out of the truck and started running but police were able to track them down. Helicopters and a K9 unit were brought in to find the suspects. 

We've been following this string of smash-and-grabs in the city for several months now. More than 40 have happened since February. 

The suspects seem to always follow the same pattern - use a stolen truck or van and repeatedly back into a business and then steal liquor, cigarettes and cash. 

Police do believe these two suspects could be connected to a number of those robberies. Seven other arrests have previously been made