Two boys' desparate plea: who killed our dad?

It's been four years since Christopher Stinson was shot and killed, just minutes after leaving a gas station on Detroit's west side. The wait to find the murderer has been agonizing for the entire family, including Christopher, Jr.

"Every time I see someone knocking at the door I think it's my dad. But it's not," Christopher said.

He's seven. He was three years old when his father was shot and killed in May 2013 as he walked home from a gas station on the city's west side. Christopher Stinson's other son, Cameron, is older and still heartbroken.

"I just miss my dad," Cameron said.

On Friday, they should be celebrating his 33rd birthday. Instead, they're asking for help finding the person or people who took him from them.

"I want to know who killed my dad and I want y'all to figure out who did it," Christopher said.

They were joined by their mother, Toya.

"I'm just asking if there is a heart or anyone who cares in this city, please speak up. I have two boys who really need their father and we miss him everyday. And whoever says time heals all wounds, they lie," Toya said.

Knowing the pain of loosing a son and watching her grandchildren grow up without a father, Christopher Stinson's mother called for anyone with information about her son's shooting or any other crime to speak up.

"The murderers won't stop murdering if you don't speak up. Not only for my sons case but for any murder that's still unsolved," Delores Stinson said.

The family says there will never be closure in this case so they fight for justice

"Absolutely it's not closure because we can never forget Christopher so we need justice we need someone to speak up," Delores said.

If you have any information about this crime call Crime Stoppers at 1800 Speak Up - you can remain anonymous.

"If there's any piece of you if you are decent human being, you could at least turn yourself in. There are ways to turn it around and correct it, the right way," Toya said.