Two Detroit officers charged after man injured at Corktown bar on St. Patrick's Day

A former Detroit Police Commander and officer were charged with multiple felonies on Thursday for their role in the St. Patrick's Day assault while they were working security at Corktown.

Timothy Leach was arraigned on Thursday for shoving a 42-year-old man as he was trying to get the man out of the bar.

While removing the man on St. Patrick's Day, Leach apparently pushed the man so hard he fell causing a serious head injury that put him in a coma. 

Off-duty former DPD commander charged with assaulting man in Corktown

Another Detroit officer working security at the bar, Frederick Person, allegedly tried to help cover up what happened. Neither one of them had permission from DPD to work a side job at the bar in the first place. 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig expressed his disappointment with their actions.

"It doesn't reflect the organization," Craig said. "I will not approve officers working off duty inside of establishments selling alcohol." 

Both are suspended without pay but Craig will be petitioning to have them stripped of any compensation.

Off-duty DPD commander accused of beating man in Corktown

Lt. Mark Young, President of the Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association says he thinks both men will be cleared.

"I caution people with a rush to judgment," he said. "You have two outstanding law enforcement officers that have honorable and distinguished careers that are being charged with an incident and we look forward to their day in court." 

Michael Karpovich spent three weeks in a coma and more than a month in the hospital. He plans to file a civil suit against the department now that they have been charged. 

Leach was apparently working as a bouncer at Ottava Via during the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Corktown on March 11. Karpovich was intoxicated and Damico says witnesses described seeing Leach and possibly another bouncer "dragging" Karpovich out.

Karpovich's attorney, Jennifer Damico, says five people called 911 and describe seeing and hearing Karpovich's head hit the pavement. But Detroit Police Chief James Craig says police and hospital staff were originally told Karpovich slipped and fell.

Both face May 31 probable cause conferences and June 5 preliminary examinations.