Two for one: second drunk driver hits Macomb Co sheriff during DUI stop

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The Macomb County Sheriff arrested two different drunk drivers with the exact same BAC during one traffic stop over the weekend.

Around 12:30 Saturday morning, deputies were searching for a blue Ford Mustang that was driving eratically. An officer spotted the vehicle and pulled the driver over on Romeo Plant near 22 Mile.

The driver of the Mustang, a 20-year-old man from Sterling Heights, was arrested for DUI. A second deputy was called to scene and the suspect was sitting in the back of the deputy's vehicle. That's when a second suspected drunk driver came up on scene.

Driver number two, also 20, was in a Mercury Mountaineer when he sideswiped both deputies' cars and the Mustang. The Mustang and the Mountaineer both ended up the ditch.

Both drivers were arrested on suspicion of DUI and given breathalyzer tests at the station. Both drivers came back with the same result: .17% BAC.

Nobody was hurt, however one of the sheriff's cars had to be taken out of service due to damage.