Two gunmen in critical condition after shootout, crash

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A wild scene on Detroit's west side, it began with an exchange of gunfire and ends with a car slamming into a bus shelter.

The shootout sent five people to the hospital and this is how it ended -a wounded man behind the wheel of a Honda accord crashing into a bus stop.

"Some witnesses observed a guy exchange gunfire," said Deputy Chief David LeValley, Detroit police.

The gunfight began well before sundown on Grand River just west of Scotten. The man behind the wheel of the Honda Accord and a pedestrian got into a shootout at 6 p.m. Monday evening.

Both men struck the other - the pedestrian shot in the head, the driver shot in the leg.

"The person in the vehicle, he was trying to flee the scene," LeValley said. "He started to lose consciousness and actually hit a bus stop here at Grand River and Scotten."

And there were three people waiting inside that bus stop as the Accord came careening in their direction.

"Had they not seen it coming and had an opportunity to get out of the way," LeValley said. "They very well could've been run over."

But they were injured nonetheless and taken to Henry Ford Hospital as were the gunmen. Police are still trying to find out what led up to the violence.

Monday's gunplay was the latest in a string of fatal shootings among the victims a 6-month-old girl killed Saturday afternoon.

All five people are recovering at henry ford hospital; the two gunmen were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The three people waiting at the bus stop are listed in temporary serious condition.