Two men are in custody after shooting at Detroit Police while being chased

Investigators say two men are in custody after shooting at Detroit police officers while being chased. 

According to police, the incident started at the Marathon gas station at Woodward and Clairmount after one of the suspects was acting suspiciously. 

After running the license plate officers say they discovered it was registered to a different car, and they tried to pull the two men over. 

However, the car did not stop and sped up instead, says police. 

Assistant Chief Todd Bettinson says, "The vehicle went through an alley came out on this street which is  Atkinson headed westbound on Atkinson towards the freeway at which point they heard approximately four to five gunshots."

Investigators say then the front passenger door opened, and one of the suspects fell out of the car. 

"At that point, the drivers' door opened and officers who were behind the vehicle observed muzzle flashes and heard additional gunshots... they did not return fire," says Bettinson. 

There were no injuries reported, and both suspects have been brought into custody.