Two men shot, one fatally by Westland resident in home invasion

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A home invasion turns bloody in Westland when the victim grabs a gun and starts shooting.

Now he's in custody and one of the suspects is dead. SkyFOX was over the scene of a deadly shooting in Westland that police say began as a home invasion.

Police say Thursday morning, three men went inside this house at the corner of Glenwood and Second. The guy living inside the house fired a gun, resulting in two people shot, including a 24-year-old who later died at the hospital.

All of the people involved are in their early 20s, and police say they all know each other.

"What ended up happening is, it seems like there was some sort of dispute over an eviction with someone that was close to all of the parties involved here, and people came to the house to try and resolved the dispute," said Sgt. Robert Wilkie, Westland police.

One possible scenario police are looking at the ex-girlfriend and her kid lived at this house but the owner kicked both out.

She then went to her ex-boyfriend who was one of the three men, and they came to the house and the shooting followed.

But police are still working to sort that out. Right now, three people have been arrested including the person who lives at the house and shot the intruder.

"They have some other unrelated charges that we're investigating right now," Wilkie said. "We're also investigating more details about everything that happened yesterday through and have everything covered."

We spoke with residents in the neighborhood.

FOX 2: "Have you known of any kind of fighting or arguing at that house prior to yesterday?"

"No," said Hart Goleniak "This has been a quiet neighborhood. We've never had any problems over here. In fact, I think they moved in about three months ago."

FOX 2: "Any problems coming from that house in that past few months?"

"I can't, I mean they're young," said another neighbor who declined to give her name. "You hear people argue all the time. I don't think it was a big deal. It was just kind of they're young, but nothing serious that got my attention saying, wow, I have to watch them."

She said the people who live there are newcomers.

"These guys only been here a few months," he said. "This is the only renters property. These are all owned so. That particular property, they come and go, you don't know who's there, so it's like ok. Things happen."

All three men including the shooter at this home remain in custody and police say arraignments could come as early as this weekend.