Two more principals accept plea deals in DPS kickback scheme

Two more DPS principals accused of ripping off students, taking plea deals in their corruption cases.

Another round of hearings in federal court on Thursday for those DPS kick-back scheme scandal.

James Hearn and Nina Graves-Hicks, were principals in Detroit Public Schools and both stood before a judge and plead guilty on conspiracy to commit federal program bribery.

Federal investigators say Hearn and Hicks are two of  11 principals who wrote fraudulent invoices to order school materials from vendor Norman Shy using DPS money.

Only most of the goods in this case, were not delivered, and the two in court on Thursday testified saying they received kick-backs from shy in the form of gift cards.

Hicks received a little more than $27,000 and Hearn $11,500.

Hearn is facing two years, and Hicks two and a half years behind bars. They would have to pay back that money to DPS.

Hicks' attorney, Michael Sharpe also had no comment.

Ron Alexander, the former principal at Spain Elementary, happily accepted gifts on behalf of the school earlier this year from talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

He was scheduled in court, but the hearing was adjourned.

Ron Alexander's plea hearing was postponed until May 18 due to a family emergency. Both Hearn and Hicks will be back in court in September for sentencing.