Two ordered to trial for murder of teen while changing tire in Detroit

Two men were in court Thursday and charged with the murder of a 16-year-old while he changed a tire on Detroit's west side. 

Amauri Green, 16, was killed last month while changing a flat tire on the side of the road. A 15-year-old boy with him was also shot.

Jeremy Cooley, 31, and Deangelo Sanchez Alexander, 18, of Detroit were charged last month with first degree premeditated murder, assault with intent to murder, and felony firearm.

Two Detroit men charged with killing teen fixing flat tire

"(Alexander) stated that he was in the passenger seat of the Toyota Camry. He placed his body outside the window and fired several shots," Detroit Police Detective Michael Crosby said.

Authorities said Cooley and Alexander encountered the two teens at a t-shirt shop.

"He looked at me and was like you got a problem? But I was on the phone so I didn't really hear him. I was like who are you talking to?" the 15-year-old victim testified on Thursday.

He said Cooley then accused him of staring at him. The teen told his friends and then left the store. But 45 minutes later, prosecutors say the two men pulled up to the two teens while they had been changing a flat tire and started firing.

"I started running and noticed my arm was bleeding and then noticed I was shot," the 15-year-old said.

Prosecutors say Cooley had borrowed his girlfriend's car that day. She only admitted that the car looks similar but admitting it was Cooley seen on surveillance photo. On Thursday, she was unsure. 

The defense argued that the teen who identified the two had been influenced by seeing their faces on the news.

"So you've seen both on TV? Yes. Wait no. I don't remember," the teen said

The teen insisted that he identified them both beforehand. The judge agreed that there's issues with the identification but said Alexander's statement that he was the shooters speaks volumes.

Both Cooley and Alexander were ordered to trial on all charges and face life in prison.