Two teens shot in crossfire after Hamtramck brawl

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Bullets fly during a brawl in Hamtramck with two teens caught in the crossfire.

They wounded victims are just 13 and 14 years old and police are still looking for the shooters.

It was just after 11 pm on a hot Sunday night at the Colonel Hamtramck Homes. Police were dispatched to the 12000 block of Grand Haven inside the complex to check out reports of a fight.

And that's when Robin Littlejohn started hearing gunfire.

The family of one of the victims identifies him as 12-year-old Arness Stubbs who they say was shot in the buttocks. Family members would not talk on camera.

The other victim has not been identified yet; but police say he is 14-years old and he was shot in his right ankle.

"That's crazy," said Ernest Gray. "A bullet doesn't have a name on it and situations start from the smallest things. That is why it's best to keep these kids out of the way. There is too much going on."

As police continue to search for who pulled the trigger, investigators say both teens were transported to Children's Hospital and underwent surgery on Monday.

As police continue to investigate they say they really need the public's help on this one. Investigators say so far they're not getting a lot of cooperation and they need answers to solve this case. 

If you have any information, contact Hamtramck police at (313) 876-7800.