Tyler Wingate basketball jersey retired in Berkley

Tyler Wingate, mercilessly and brutally beaten, his life ended in a terrible way.

Usually, this would be a moment of silence but Saturday night the people who knew Tyler Wingate best want to make some noise, just one small gesture to signify his memory.

“Tyler will never be forgotten, we thought about doing a moment of silence, but Tyler would not have wanted that he would have wanted a party,” his parents said.

Wingate got into a traffic accident with Lawrence Davis over the summer. Police say Davis confronted Wingate about the accident in a gas station parking lot. Things got physical and surveillance video shows Davis hitting and kicking Wingate over and over again while he was on the ground.

He later died. Saturday the focus was on the life Tyler lived, not the vicious beating that stole his life away.

“Everybody In Berkley hoops with his name on it Tyler Wingate everything done for us.”

“They’ve been very good and supportive since day 1 they dedicated his jersey at football game and hoops which he loved to play. It’s been phenomenal… the community support from the whole city has been really awesome,” they said.  

Number 20, Tyler’s jersey retired his family seeing that knows,

“How proud he would be because he loved hoops played at the school for freshman and sophomore year, I feel like he revived the senior division, he brought his friends back a lot of them stop playing to come here, I just know he’s looking down and he’s happy.”