U-M student builds his own tiny house to stay on campus

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This is the Big House in Ann Arbor. This is the tiny house. And this is Chris Cerk, a regular-sized guy who spent his first year at the University of Michigan in one of its biggest dormitories.

"Less stuff makes life a lot easier, I think," Cerk said. "It frees you."

While simplifying his life was a factor, Cerk's real issue was cost. So he decided to find an alternative.

"I was roaming the internet for solutions," he said. "My mom shut down the VW van solution. I just kind of stumbled upon tiny houses and it was a pretty good fit."

How big is a tiny house? It's bigger than a laundry tub. And a lot smaller than a dormitory. For a full photo gallery CLICK HERE.

Cerk's mom was initially skeptical.

"Everyone thought I was a little crazy," he said, adding that people asked him: "'They're like what are you doing? Are you planning on living in a little shack or something?'"

But his mom has since warmed up to the idea.

"When we moved in a few days ago, she spent the night, one night," Cerk said. "She drove back the next day. She thought it was fine."

Cerk says a tiny house isn't for everyone.

"If you're used to the 2,000 square foot life with all the amenities, it would take a lot of getting used to," he said. "You have to know yourself before you actually go and try to accomplish it."

To learn more about Cerk's tiny house visit www.chriscerk.com.