U.S. Attorney wants more Fata victims to come forward for million-dollar settlement

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He's the former cancer doctor in prison for giving hundreds of patients treatments they didn't need.

Now his victims will share a potential multi-million dollar settlement.

"Once we got to 553 (patients) we stopped looking," said U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade. "Because we thought for our purposes of criminal conviction, 553 was quite enough to prove our case."

Not even U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade knows how many lives were impacted by Dr. Fadid Fata, a once respected doctor who falsely diagnosed patients with cancer, and is now serving 45 years in prison.

"He sort of enjoyed it, so I think 45 years is not enough," McQuade said. "For someone who commits a crime like that."

The U.S. attorney was able to seize $11.7 million to be split between hundreds and possibly thousands of victims. This is money for anyone who saw Fata for treatment.

"If you were a patient of Dr. Fata, and you paid for treatments we are going to presume that he mistreated you," McQuade said.

Fata had seven practices, potentially 17,000 patients. So if you feel you are entitled to compensation you can begin filling out the paperwork at fataclaims.com. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE CLAIM SITE.

"We don't want to leave any money on the table," McQuade. "We want to make sure every victim knows that the time has come to submit those claims."

But there are some legal stipulations. You can only get reimbursed for money you paid out of pocket for treatments, or prescriptions  and you must prove it.

What doesn't count: lost wages and neither do travel expenses, nor attorney fees, she said.

The U.S. attorney going to great lengths to make sure everyone is informed

Potential victims will have to fill out a stack of paperwork and there is also a call center at 1-877-202-3282. About  35 people underwent three hours of training to field those calls.

The U.S. attorney says what’s she taken away from this:

"Always seek a second opinion when someone is diagnosing you with something as serious as cancer," McQuade said. "One of the ways Fata got tripped up was when one of his patients saw a different doctor."