UAW ratification vote ongoing - track voting totals on Detroit 3 contract offers here

The hard part may be over, but the UAW strike won't officially end until the union's members vote to ratify the contract negotiated with Detroit's three automakers. 

The ratification process requires that local groups review and discuss contract offers before workers decide to vote on whether to approve or reject the proposals. The UAW president has held multiple updates on Facebook and YouTube since securing offers from Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, pitching members on what he has sold as an "historic deal."

That includes gains worth four times the value of previous contracts and a 25% wage boost from each of the automakers. 

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But unless the members agree, the contracts won't take effect. 

The UAW has posted ratification results from each automaker's local union groups that are updated hourly.


UAW president takes victory lap on new deals, seeks to jumpstart new labor movement

Local union groups are voting on whether to ratify the agreements secured between the UAW and the Big three. The UAW president has called the deal historic.

Ford ratification results

Ford employs the largest number of UAW members. The sheet tracking the votes can be found here.

Some of the largest local groups include its assembly plants in Kentucky, Chicago, Wayne, and Kansas City. There are also parts and components plants for building transmissions and engines manned by UAW members who are voting.

Find details of the contract here.

GM ratification results

There are 46,000 workers employed by GM that are voting on their own agreement.

The agreement with GM includes similar gains as what's written into the other two contracts. GM was also the first automaker to agree in principle to roping its future battery plants under the union's Master Agreement. 

The GM's ratification vote tracker can be found here.

Stellantis ratification results

Stellantis was the second automaker to reach a deal with the UAW. They have some of the largest plants in Michigan, including its assembly plant in Sterling Heights. The company agreed to $19 billion in U.S. investments during negotiations, which included saving the Belvidere Assembly Plant. 

The details of the contract can be found here.

Track the ratification vote here.