University of Michigan aims to find solutions to climate change, Detroit flooding

The University of Michigan is working with partners to find solutions to climate change.

Students working on their master's degrees and faculty will help with the School for Environment and Sustainability Clinic in Detroit.

"The focus is going to be on climate change and the effects of climate change like flooding," said U-M professor Dr. Jonathan Overpeck. "We wanted to establish a clinic in Detroit in order to make this work even more efficiently."

Many Detroit residents are still dealing with the aftermath of severe flooding over the summer. The clinic's primary focus will be the Jefferson Chalmers area, one of the hardest-hit spots in the city.

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The clinic will also focus on other issues, including affordable energy and affordable water.

"So, this is all about partnership. It’s about listening to what the people of Detroit need and then seeing where we can deploy our students to essentially learn on the job to help people of Detroit," Overpeck said.

The clinic was made possible by grant money from the Kresge Foundation.

You can learn more about the clinic by visiting or by emailing