Detroit's Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood devastated by flooding again

Residents in Detroit's Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood spent the past few days salvaging what they could after flooding devastated the area again.

About six years ago, homeowners dealt with the same problem.

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Teijah Sabrie said everything was wet and smelled terrible as she tried to save what she could.

Sabrie and others in the east side neighborhood lost sentimental items after heavy rain led to flooding Friday.

"My mom will miss her pictures and dolls," Dewayne McGhee said.

McGhee had more than 3 feet of standing water in his basement. Sludge backed up into street drains, causing water to pool.

"It was high enough people were swimming," McGhee said.

Jeff Herron said he has no trust in old infrastructure or the nearby Conner Creek Pump Station, which was down for two hours during the heavy rain.

Herron wants city, county, and state leaders to investigate.

"What they ought to do is come out here and hear the people or they come here, we change places wherever they're living at. And then see how well they would deal with the same situation," he said.