University of Michigan Football team's Facebook page hacked

The University of Michigan Football Team's Facebook page generated some unintentional media buzz this morning.

It appears the page was hacked as the school's football-affiliated Facebook page took a lesson out of Buzzfeed's playbook. Their followers have quite a lot check up on. Take a look to see what's next for the university's football team:

Do any of you remember these old romances? UofM sure does!


They haven't forgotten about all you movie buffs out there:



Wouldn't want you to forget about all of the unlucky jobs out there!



Who knew they got so hot!



Couldn't leave out Kim Kardashian:


Buckeye and Spartan fans only had a short time to relish in the fun before the posts were taken down later this morning. Michigan Football addressed the hacking on its Facebook page later in the day: