Upside down American flag at Flint courthouse explained

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An upside down Flag of the United States outside the Flint federal courthouse Wednesday has been explained.

During a FOX 2 report about a court hearing of terror suspect Amor Ftouhi, cameras captured an upside down American flag outside the courthouse.

Viewers responded in a slew of angry phone calls and emails in response, while others merely questioned why there would be a distress signal outside. The upside down flag usually signals extreme danger. Many who noticed the flag, also pointed out how tattered the courthouse's version was.

After contacting the courthouse, a U.S. General Services Administration spokesperson said the flag was not intentionally upside down.

"The flag flying at the Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Flint appears to have detached from its upper connections. At no time was the flag intentionally flying upside down.

"The U.S. General Services Administration is working tonight to immediately replace the existing flag at the building with a new flag and ensure that the flag is secured to the flagpole."