Use of force investigated after tasered suspect falls from Ferndale overpass

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is investigating a Ferndale police officer's use of force on a suspect earlier this week. 

Ferndale Police say an officer deployed a taser on a suspect, who had climbed over the guardrail along the Eight Mile Service Drive. After being shocked, the suspect fell approximately 15 feet to the road below. He was seriously hurt but police say his injuries aren't life threatening. 

Police were in pursuit of the 44-year-old man after they got a call about a home invasion in the 100 block of Spencer. 

Police say a woman called 911 when the suspect came in her house. She has a personal protection order against him due to prior domestic violence incidents. 

The woman was able to get out of the house safely and called 911 from a nearby business. 

Police say when they got to the home, the man ran across Woodward toward Eight Mile. Police followed after him and caught up with him when he climbed over the guardrail along the Eight Mile Service Drive, just west of Woodward. 

Police say they had a brief struggle with the man before the officer deployed the taser. The suspect fell to Eight Mile below. 

The Ferndale Police Department has turned over the investigation into the officer's use of force to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.