Vacant industrial building burns on Detroit's west side

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An industrial building caught fire Friday morning on the city's west side, sending several fire crews to the scene to put out the huge fire. 

At least eight fire engines were spotted at the fire on the corner of Joy Road and Mark Twain on the city's west side.

By the time FOX 2 got to the scene, most of the smoke was white, meaning crews had begun to take control of the fire, but there was still a large amount of thick black smoke as well.

Any businesses that were in that building have been closed for some time. As recently as 2013, there was automotive repair shop operating there but it's been closed since at least 2015.

There are no injuries reported.

"Today is a big loss for me and my family," said building owner Hassan Dabaja. "I lost everything," 

The owner's daughter says it gut wrenching to think that everything the family put into the building is completely gone

"This property was not insured. Unfortunately, now it's a complete loss," Killoud Dabaja said.

Hassan Dabaja says he was using the building as a storage space as he looked for someone to sell or lease the property 

"I have some restaurant equipment, I have some mechanical equipment, I have some tires," he said.

People who live in the area say they have concerns about air quality as fire crews fight this massive fire, but fire officials says only one evacuation was required.

"We evacuated the company across the street, that was the only place occupied," said DFD Battalion Chief Randy Gibson.

This family says they hope once the  the investigation begins, someone will be held responsible for setting the fire.