Vancallis gets life sentence in Millsap murder; his family says he was framed

Jennifer Millsap had candid words to her daughter April's convicted killer Wednesday.

"I pity you, I hate you and I can never forgive you," said Jennifer Millsap.

The mother of 14-year-old April Millsap of Armada faced  34-year-old James Vancallis as he was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday.

"You James are a damn thief," she said. "You stole my daughters beautiful life and you stole the rest of mine."

Vancallis was convicted last month of murdering, kidnapping and attempting to rape her daughter along the Macomb Orchard Trail in July 2014.

Jennifer Millsap said that she knows in her heart, he did it.

"I hope those four walls close in on you," she said. "I hope those steel bars are your only friends. I hope when you close your eyes you see April over and over again."

Sentenced to automatic life in prison without parole, Vancallis, who has maintained his innocence, says he was never given the chance to defend himself and demanded a new trial.

"This is a sad chain of events that somehow I'm wrapped up in," he said in court.

He reminded the courtroom there is no DNA evidence, no fingerprints or blood, connecting him to April.

Prosecutors continue to say that the circumstantial evidence and thorough police work, prove his guilt.

"They were able to track down every tip," said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith. "And cross off every tip. The only one that wasn't able to be crossed off was James Vancallis."

"James we love you, we will get you out," said his mother in court as he was taken away.

Vancallis' mother, Brena Pupi, watched her son walk away for the final time and insists police and prosecutors framed her son.

"They spent so much money trying to prove that my boy did this," she said. "That they didn't have a choice but to follow through with it."

And as many between hugs and tears called this day finally a day of justice for the young girl. But Vancallis and his family say this isn't over.

"They better keep looking because they got the wrong person," Pupi said. "They know it. They know they got the wrong one.

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Inside the courtroom James Vancallis filled out a form to appeal but Smith says he isn't concerned, he says he's confident Vancallis will never see the light of day.