Verlander, Upton engaged - expert weighs in on that ring

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Wedding bells are in the air for Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and supermodel, Kate Upton.

The couple announced their engagement after three years of dating. Upton is sporting a massive rock that's turning heads around the globe.

The diamond experts at Wachler's Estate Collection in Birmingham are weighing in on Kate's new rock, revealed Monday night at the Met Gala.

David Wachler, Wachler Estate Collection

"It appears to be a round, brilliant cut diamond, we think it's about 7 or 8 carats," said David Wachler. "We think it is about seven or eight carats but it could be 10 carats. If it's cut well it's probably around seven carats."

Kate Upton, 23, a west Michigan native from St. Joseph, has dated Detroit Tiger Justin Verlander, 33, for three years, and he reportedly designed the ring himself.

"It looks very white, looks very clean," Wachler said. "We sell a diamond of that size anywhere from $125,000  to $250,000. If you're buying it from a place like Cartier or Tiffany it could be in excess of $300,000."

Classic, simple and clear were some of the comments by those on the street looking at the pictures of it.

Details on the upcoming nuptials, and exact specs on the ring are being kept on the down low. But jewelers like the Wachlers, who have studied styles for generation, say a ring like that, will go the distance.

"Justin and Kate have a timeless setting, that could be a ring from 500 years ago," he said. "It's a simple band with a big diamond."

And as for the rest of us, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of daydreaming.