Veterans giving back to veterans

Members and volunteers of Vietnam Veterans of America were spreading some springtime cheer this past Easter weekend. 

The day started with delivering care packages to patients at the VA Medical Center in Detroit. 

"It's our way of giving back, to tell them thank you and we appreciate them," said Vietnam Veteran of America member, Paul Palazzolo.

The organization does this twice a year. Members and volunteers say back scratchers are always the most popular item. 

"We also get coupon books for everybody $5. So they can go to the commissary to buy a little snack or whatever they want," said volunteer Gunrun Hite.

Some believe that this good deed makes a huge difference in the lives of the hospitalized veterans. 

"Makes them feel good you know," said Palazzolo. "They're in the hospital, they've lost limbs and they're not feeling well. This gives them something to feel good about." 

Everything in the care packages was purchased with donations. 

"If somebody wants to donate to us, we are in Masonic temple, so they can donate to us or they can donate to the hospital. The hospital accepts donations too," Hite said. 

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