Veterinarian docs show 'Diggy' is a bulldog, but owner still fighting township

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A family pet turned viral internet star is one step closer to legally staying with his owner, but the fight is not over yet.

Waterford Township man Dan Tillery posted a now infamous picture on social media of his smiling dog  "Diggy" formerly named Sir Wiggleton. But the photo put Tillery on the township's radar, as Waterford officials believed him to be a pit bull. A township ordinance bans pit bulls.

Now Tillery, who has been fighting to prove that Diggy is a American Bulldog, got a bit of independent proof today. 

On Tuesday the Detroit Dog Rescue presented documentation to the township from a Waterford veterinarian stating Diggy appears to be an American Bulldog.

Kristina Rinaldi of the DDR said "We were told the paperwork would be directed to the township prosecutor. Diggy's owners and our organization arranged to meet with the prosecutor in an infraction conference and the city will determine the date."

Rinaldi said that due to the documentation, she hopes a decision will come sooner than the infraction conference.

"Please keep sharing Diggy's story and thank you everyone for your support so far. Dan, Megan and Diggy are all remaining positive and are truly amazing," Rinaldi said.

Tillery was given 10 days to schedule a court hearing and had  to present confirmation from a licensed veterinarian about the dog's actual breed.

The ordinance prohibits any person from owning, possessing or maintaining a pit bull/pit bull terrier within the Township and a violation can result in a civil infraction and a fine of $500.00.

Tillery had been told that the dog had to be relocated by June 13. After officers came to his house and found the dog still there Monday and issued the civil infraction. Diggy was allowed to stay with him for now.

-- Assignment editor John Shull contributed to this report.