Victim says man accused of EMT attack raped her 10 years ago

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A man accused of attacking two EMTs with a box cutter is now facing more charges of raping a young girl a decade ago.

The victim testified in Wayne County court on Friday, saying that Michael Montgomery raped her at the age of 15. She says Montomery saw her walking from a store around 6 in the evening, only a few blocks away from her home along east Seven Mile in Detroit.

"I saw a man walking behind me. He was walking fast. So I started running," she said the man ran after her. "He caught me on the sidewalk and took me in an alley. He dragged me in an alley."

That was May 25, 2006. Montgomery would not be arrested for another nine years.

He was arrested last fall on homicide charges and assaulting EMT medics.

The victim's gripping testimony was laid out in court on Friday.

"He told me not to say nothing or he was going to shoot me," she said. He told me to take off my clothes, my pants. Did you follow his orders? Yes."

She said Montgomery forced her to lie on the ground and the sexual assault lasted for about 10 minutes. She said he just stopped.

"It just stopped. He told me not to say nothing. He said if I said something he was going to shoot me," she said.

Montgomery will be back in court next month and in October for his other charges.