Video catches thieves using flatbed truck to smash and rob SW Detroit liquor stores

When you look at the surveillance video, you can not help but think about it as organized crime. Brazen criminals driving a giant flatbed truck through the walls of liquor stores in southwest Detroit. 

The video does not lie. The walls of the stores are left bent and leaning and cinder blocks destroyed while the thieves are in and out in minutes leaving the owners to clean-up what they leave behind. Not to mention, the thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen.

The owner of Express Liquor on Livernois says it was around 4:15 Saturday morning when the surveillance video shows the flatbed truck pull into the stores parking lot and a team of thieves get into position. It all starts by the suspects pulling garbage cans into place and then the truck effortlessly slams a hole in the wall. The video shows the men grabbing what they can, cigarettes, alcohol and money and driving off.

The same scenario played out at Von Liquor, a liquor store on Grand River just a couple days before Express Liquor was broken into. 

Fadi Ayar, owner of Von Liquor off of Grand River says he has never seen such a thing and does not know how thieves driving a flatbed can not be caught immediately.

Though Detroit police have not confirmed that these robberies are all connected, Fox 2 has been told by area business owners that this same scenario involving a flatbed truck slamming a hole in stores walls has happened at four liquor stores in southwest Detroit since Thursday. 

On Fox 2 News at 10 p.m. on Saturday we first showed you the effort to repair two huge holes likely caused by the same criminals. 

That store on Fort Street was literally reduced to rubble, the owners not finding out about the damage until hours later when they came to open for business for the day.

Detroit police say they're investigating the robberies and are working to see if the robberies are indeed connected.

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